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Posted by r on December 11, 2011

(edit cleanup 3.19.13: Explaining why I started this blog, which to March 2013 has mostly been filled with personal ramblings about shit I just needed to get out of my system somewhere. I’m trying to repurpose things now for more General Interest and Public Good, of course.)

“New” social media sucks. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I like to write, and I like to write lots. “New” social media discourages this. Further, followers of new social media frown these days on people who like to write lots.

I also tend to think a lot about things cursorily related to music. Look, this has been very, very frustrating for a long time, because I have seemingly been born into an extremely uncomfortable in-between spot, the likes of me being totally unsuitable for either amateur or professional appreciation.

The thoughts I have about music tend to be somewhat overtechnical for the layperson, and the way I tend to phrase these thoughts is far too casual and/or ADHD for the educated musician (I have always been suspicious of the latter accordingly).

Here I am, alone, posting a bunch of stuff on “new” social media with what might appear to the layperson to be laser focus, and yet about a bunch of stuff that formalist, myopically-specialized fuddy-duddies In The Field could give a toss about.

It has long seemed to me that I must protect myself from Other People In The Field at all times. I must never let my guard down, lest my misgivings about that world (and intrinsic dissonance with that world) become “widely” known and end in professional demise (not that I haven’t done plenty toward that end as it stands).

But I cannot control my boundless enthusiasm for these topics, nor my continual heartbreak when dumping words about these topics on a unsuspecting audience that actually does useful stuff for a living results in gut-churning silence.

Which is better? To try and package my thoughts in a way that will say, “Hey, look at this thing, look at THIS thing, and isn’t THIS amazing, LOOK LOOK LOOK LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN I PROMISE YOU’LL LOVE IT” in just enough characters to avoid the dreaded “More…” cut, only to result in no one actually giving a fuck… or to take my ball and go home to a land where I can write 4000 words on the virtues of underappreciated Korean guitars and/or the sexiness of the second scale degree in Turkish saz music and expect that no one will be there to give a fuck?

If an overly wordy, misanthropic crank blogs in the forest, does it make a sound?

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