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Spotify vs. MOG: The ultimate smackdown

Posted by r on October 14, 2012

I’ve been a big fan of Spotify since it came out in the States in July ’11. I’ve been a paid subscriber almost since day one, and it’s changed the way I listen to music just about as much as MP3 tech did fifteen years ago. The vast majority of my music listening is done on Spotify now, particularly in the car. But my enthusiasm for Spotify has been waning recently for several reasons, most of them centered around decreasing usability of its mobile client… and when I heard about its competitor MOG, I thought I’d give it a serious go to see if it could make me happy again.

There aren’t many (actually, any) truly useful or detailed comparative reviews of these two services out there, and since signing up for either one on a mobile device requires taking the serious step of handing over your credit card, I figured maybe someone ought to take this task seriously. Thusly, the following are my typically detail-oriented conclusions in comparing these two services, because I am the world’s biggest proponent of outlining first-world problems.
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