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Momentary logistics

Posted by r on August 23, 2014

Comments have been shut down. Akismet is still doing a good job of keeping spammers out of my hair, but the spam-onslaught has become so vigorous and relentless that even the incredibly tiny floating-point percentage of spammers that are actually getting through are becoming a regular annoyance.

In general, I’m thinking about how to move back to a more personal, controlled-access sort of thing with my faux-blogging. This has been a good place on occasion to get some of my OCD ya-yas out, but it’s still not resulting in anything that is getting read nor I think anyone should read (and more frequently than not, I just end up removing the longer screeds that were posted out of temporary and ALWAYS totally futile anger with the limits of humanity at large; such posts are thusly questionable therapy absolute-best-case).

LiveJournal is still very much my model for what both personal blogging and social networking should be, but I guess this just means that I’m old.

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